Content Warnings for August 2021 Box


Plane Crash

Post-Traumatic Stress

Discussions of Military/Wartime Violence

Descriptions of Hypothermia

Near-Death Experiences

Descriptions of Gunshot Wounds

Threat of a Bioweapon Virus

Past Death of a Parent (by murder, off-page)

Murder of Minor Characters (past, on-page flashback)

Past Death of a Parent (by suicide, off-page)

Discussions of Alzheimer’s (in regards to a parent)

Descriptions of Drowning

Near-Death of a Dog (but she DOES live!)



Cheating (but not between our central couple)

Death of a Parent (past, off-page)

Chronic Illness of a Parent (past, on-page flashback, multiple sclerosis)

Misogyny and Sex Discrimination

Race Discrimination

Instances of Homophobia (in the script of the movie our leads are working on)

Explicit Descriptions of Symptoms of Discoid Lupus and Systemic Lupus

Mentions of Disordered Eating Behavior (in general terms)

Medical Emergencies and Hospital Stays

Descriptions of Surgical Procedures

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