Content Warnings for October 2022

Partners in Crime, Alisha Rai 

Death of a Parent (past, off-page)

Death of a Close Relative (recent past, off-page)

Pregnancy (of a secondary character)

Family Estrangement

Discussions of Alcoholism 

Discussions of Addiction Recovery


Physical Assault

Threat of Violence

Child Neglect (past-off-page)

Attempted Murder

Gun Violence

Discussions of Grief and Mourning

Discussions of Depression

Emotionally Abusive Parenting (past, on-page flashbacks)

Sexual Harassment

Cheating/Adultery (past, off-page, hero’s ex)


The Belle of Belgrave Square, Mimi Matthews 

Sex Discrimination

Class Discrimination

Child Abandonment (past, off-page)

Extensive Physical Injury (past, off-page, at war)

Family Estrangement

Attempted Sexual Assault (present, on-page)

Extensive Descriptions of Violence in War

Abusive Parenting (past and present, on-page)

Bloodletting, as a Medical Procedure (present, on-page)

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