Content Warnings for August 2022

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches, Sangu Mandanna

Death of a Parent (past, off-page)

Child Abandonment (past, off-page)

Racial Discrimination

Children in Danger

Discussions of Grief and Mourning

Mentions of Claustrophobia

Implied Sexual Assault (past, off-page, secondary character)

Domestic Abuse (past, off-page, heroine’s ex)

Mentions of Homophobia

Sex Discrimination and Misogyny

Child Abuse (past, on-page flashback)

Child Neglect (past, on-page flashback)


Return to Cherry Blossom Way, Jeanne Chin

Race Discrimination

Use of Racial Slurs

Teen Bullying (past, on-page flashbacks)

Long-term Illness of a Parent (heroine's mother, stroke)

Family Estrangement

Death of a Parent (past, on-page flashback)

Discussions of Grief and Mourning

Implications of Domestic Violence (distant past, off-page)

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