Content Warnings for December 2023 Box

Second Chances in New Port Stephen TJ Alexander

Provided by the author:

○ A main character who is a recovering alcoholic, is sober, and does not backslide/relapse

○ A main character whose mother died in a car accident a few years prior to the events of the book

○ Mentions of anti-Asian racism & stereotyping in the gay community and society more broadly, as well as allusions to institutional anti-Black racism in the public school system and politics

○ Mentions of anti-trans legislation and growing anti-trans sentiment in Florida law

○ A divorced couple who are amicable but develop a child custody issue


Wrapped with a Beau, Lillie Vale

Provided by the author: Please be aware that through the course of the novel, Ves grapples with some aftershocks of a neglectful childhood, his father's infidelity, and his complicated feelings about his great-aunt, who passed away before the book begins (off-page). Elisha experiences sexism in the workplace from her boss. Adult characters give full and enthusiastic consent to sex (on-page) and consume alcohol (on-page).

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