Content Warnings for November 2022

Before I Let Go, Kennedy Ryan:

Divorce and Separation

Death of a Parent (past, off-page)

Death of a Close Relative (past, on-page flashback)

Symptoms of PTSD

Depressive Episodes

Extended Discussions of Mental Illness

Loss of a Child

Pregnancy (past, on-page flashback)

Stillbirth (past, on-page flashback, traumatic)

Discussions of Miscarriage

Instances of Ableism 

One Mention of Sexual Assault (tertiary character)

Instances of Sexism

Near-Death Experience (past, on-page flashback)

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Discussion of Suicide and Suicidal Ideation

Pregnancy Scare (present, on-page)


Astrid Parker Doesn't Fail, Ashley Herring Blake:

Death of a Parent (past, off-page)

Child Neglect (past, on-page flashback)

Emotionally Abusive Parenting

Extended Illness of a Spouse (past, on-page flashback, cancer)

Discussions of Grief

Mental Illness of a Parent (past, on-page flashback)

Spousal Abandonment (past, off-page)

References to Homophobia

Sexual Harassment (past, very brief on-page flashback)

Discussions of Depression and Anxiety

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