Content Warnings for September 2022

A Ghost in Shining Armor, Therese Beharrie:

Discussions of Death and Dying (frequent, plot-relevant)

Family Separation (heroine and twin sister separated at birth)

Brief Mentions of Race Discrimination

Family Estrangement

Death of Hero (on-page flashback, anaphylaxis, he’s now a ghost)

Discussions of Survivor’s Guilt

Parental Abandonment (past, on-page-flashback)

Mentions of Stalking

Mentions of Civil Harassment

Instances of Sex Discrimination


Blame It On The Earl, Jane Ashford:

Near-Death Experience

Symptoms of Head Trauma

Symptoms of Hypothermia

Sex Discrimination

Class Discrimination


Sibling Estrangement

Emotionally Abusive Parenting (past, off-page)

Illness of a Parent (present, on-page, temporary)

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